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Update by user May 22, 2016

Another Address,

1706 Marigold CT

Seveierville TN 37862

# 865-368-9042

Original review posted by user May 22, 2016

I am writing this to hopefully save someone time and money dealing with these scammers.

I hired a guy named David Carter for a fence that I needed put up for my dogs before I moved into my new house. When we walked over the property I also received an estimate for a new Deck. I received a estimate and eventually gave a deposit for the job. On the estimate and contract it said that I needed to write the check out to Staci Gail Dickerson. I thought no big deal as she was in the truck at the time of the estimate.

So this job that should have taken 2-3 days max ended up taking months of run around before I found out that David Carter is actually Lonnie Curtis Via of Sevierville TN. Staci Dickerson is a real name and they had put a business name ( Countryside fence ) that they had previously owned that went bankrupt. So at the time that I knew something was wrong it didn't take too much looking to find out their real names. Also, the first address they gave me was for Staci's parents. When I kept getting blown off, I went to that address, showed them the contract and they told me they didn't know either of them. I eventually ended up going to small claims court, and won. Now I am looking for ways to collect the $2300 that they owe me.

After all the bull that I went through, I wanted to post their info in case anyone else does a search on them. The address they gave me on the contract was,

181 Murrell Meadows #1

Sevierville, TN 37876

I found out their real address is,

3740 Bent Rd

Kodak, TN 37764

This is in foreclosure

Lonnies cell phone numbers are 865-314-0340 or 865-283-9202

Lonnie is constantly posting ads on Craigslist stating that he can pretty much do any type of work from home improvement to trash hauling. They are currently trying to go through bankruptcy and are not claiming any income off of Craigslist.

Email address

This person wrote the review because of "fraud" of scam artists from Countryside Fence and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $2300 and wants Countryside Fence to issue a full refund.

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Thank you for posting this, it’s getting harder and harder to trust people in this day of age, CL needs a review section for people soliciting services so we can *** out the bad ones, The one time I search a number I found this, I’m 63 and can’t afford to lose money like this, I’ll hang your review portion on our church bulletin board

to Maggie j #1451685

we can {{Redacted}} out the bad ones.


Of course you didn't read through my last post.See people he proved MY point again.Only thing he comments on is what I have done,which we knew,I haven't denied.Oh and the beer cans,REALLY.I think we see your true colors.But then again,if I had committed libel I probably wouldn't admit it either.So was I right people?Of course I was.Thanks Nick,and let's be clear,you have definately cost me money,which I hope to soon get back from you.But you will never keep me from making a living,maybe just from paying you.Oh and they will probably remove this,but everyone,please google pissed consumer reviews and the Google complaints.Probably why he chose this site.WOW

Lake City, Tennessee, United States #1277604

I couldn't even read through Lonnie's entire last post. I waited 5 years to take this guy to court after you stole from me.

I had to wait 5 years because I had no idea how to find him. I was only able to find his address after I found it online on a public court document when he filed for bankruptcy. I put this post up 4 months AFTER the court case that he didn't show up for. If his case had a leg to stand on he would have shown up to court to argue it.

So after all this time, I really don't care if he loses business or not. 5 years is way to long to wait and receive nothing. I will most likely never see a dime from this guy. My only thought was, "What if he did this to someone else and they can't find him", or at the very least people who hire him would know to make sure this guy isn't giving them false names or addresses.

I would contact Lonnie through text once a year or so to see if he was willing to start paying me back and the responses I would get would be "Good luck in Court". Again, if anyone doubts me, I have the text messages.

This guy came to my house with a fake name on a contract with no intention of finishing the job. It says it right there in one of the pictures of the text messages, "I swear on the bible I will make this right", why would he say that if I were the one over reacting to being ripped off and not giving him a chance.

Also, if there were a mountain of beer cans in my yard I would have recycled them. I'm not going to pay someone to remove cans that can easily be turned into cash.


First of all,I keep looking worse.People please notice how he says everything I have done wrong in his eyes but nothing about what he has done and is doing now.Oh,and as I suspected,denial about the beer cans.Wonder why that's the only thing he denies.I didn't say they were yours,but have witnesses they were there.And why evade the truth you know?You had spent time at the house,I never said you lived there.Your neighbor said you had been there numerous times.Then everything else I am saying.Funny you don't deny you have libeled me,violated website terms of use over 25-30 times,and attacked me over everything I tried to do to repay you.And not a mention as to how I would repay you when you continuously try to make sure I can't you or any other bills,hurting these people without a care.And you told me there was interest every month on the judgement,I will because of you never probably be able to repay.I am not trying to be classy,just tell my side.Funny you are trying to completely avoid everything I say I can prove,so I will say to you,real classy post.You know Nick,let's use an example.Say a guy gets a citation for using a radar detector,does that mean he always tries to evade and cheat law enforcement?Does that mean that he will always break traffic rules.And what if the police take his car or license away.So if he never has a chance to prove he will abide by the law,how do you know.But once again I am sure you will just reply to this by saying Lonnie did this and Lonnie did that,not a word about your wrongdoings.Must be great to be perfect,I thought only Jesus had that on his resume.Take notice people,post on here and give me a way to contact you,I will just like Nick send you his post with the libel,*** its on here like I say.I admit I did wrong,everybody except you makes mistakes.And I understand you can't put in writing that you said I was crazy,or anything else,because I have to prove it in court that you libeled me.But you and your wife won't even acknowledge any of that,so I think I look the same as I did from the start,maybe someone else is looking worse and worse.So I will tell you what,stop the post and admit what you have done,and when business gets back to where it was before you ruined it,maybe I can start paying you back.Mark my word folks,he won't do it,then draw your on conclusions.Thanks so much for your time.Oh,and if you need work,call and you will find I never take money up front now,never have been paid for labor till work was done,and see what happens.You may be surprised.Or take Nicks new libelous statement for truth,where he says I WILL,not that I might because I did it to him,take your deposit and run.

Ashburn, Virginia, United States #1277460


You came to my house and wrote up a contract with a fake name. It has been 7 years since you ripped me off and more than 6.5 years since you have made ANY effort to pay me back.

So no I don't think that I am being unreasonable in making this post to try to get paid back. After reading your comments, I again have to point to the fact that I gave you credit for the work of $70 + $65 money order totaling $135. $135 out of the original deposit of $2370.00. When you did that little bit of work, all you asked for was $70, so I doubt it was that bad.

You didn't remove a mountain of beer cans because I have drank no more than 10 beers in the last 10 years. Not to mention when the work was done, I hadn't even moved into the house yet. Real classy post buddy, you just keep making yourself look worse and worse. Why don't you just pay me back or at least make an effort.

I will take $20 a month if that is all you can do and I will remove this post. I am not an unreasonable person, but you have made absolutely no effort to make this right.


As far as this posting goes,if ever there was a case of there being two sides to every story.Why would a person that has a judgement do everything in his power to prevent that person from paying you back.He never goes into the details about how I came to his house and cleaned his mountain of beer cans,removed very large,extremely heavy planters,and other trash from his yard and deck.He makes it sound like I came out and moved a couple of containers,purposely damaged his fence and nothing else.Awful convienent.Then I installed a mailbox post for him,keep in mind I am doing this to try to satisfy him.Of course,the mailbox post was put in wrong.Even though you could use a simple tape measure to put it the exact measurements from the street he specified.He also fails to mention,just like his what looked like a party at the local bar I cleaned up,any other details.Like if I had moved the post for the mailbox any further from the street,there was a fence there.Then I brought him a money order,to try to help satisfy the debt,and of course he calls and leaves a nasty message about the amounts a joke.NOTICE HIS PATTERN?So he *** chump change for the post and deck AND YARD cleanup,what he took off wouldn't hardly cover my gas out each time.Now he whines like a little b***h about how I am satisfying other debts but not his,even though he can't refute the other debts were made first.And also,I have had other customers who had minor problems with a job,but I did what needed to be done to satisfy them,but couldn't him(hmmm).So now he has resorted to libel,calling me crazy,saying I never did anything to try to repay,which he has admitted I have,(this is even on his complaint filed in court).Says I don't report my income from my business.Hey if your legally able to do so,contact me so I can gladly prove him wrong again.Says I only worked a couple of hours on his fence,and I promise you 100% of knowledgeable fence contractors will tell you what I did took much longer.He thinks I did something wrong,he got a judgement,so he can do anything he wants,including posting your personal information on websites like Craigslist,which constitute personal harassment and violations of terms of use.I am watching him closely and am still going to take him to court when I am able to afford it,he thinks I won't.So if you do a job for him too,like from Thumbtack or other sites,be careful because if you do something wrong,you will probably go through the same thing.Its funny too,sometimes when someone thinks they can be judge,jury and executioner,the good lord helps you in ways you wouldn't expect to survive.Thanks to my HUNDREDS OF CUSTOMERS,their references and work,and all my friends who still stand besides me.And most of all my family.




To the comment from Anonymous, this has to be Lonnie. How could anyone else retain all the small details of the case which haven't been discussed in years.

Lonnie had $7000 worth of judgements, and pays off $5000 but nothing to me?

Already not sounding like a good guy. What was I going to do with materials? I did not accept them because I did not know where they came from. Lonnie was arrested at the same time as our contract for Property Theft.

I was not going to take the chance of receiving someone else's stolen property. From the deposit that was stolen, I removed $70 for the trash and $65 for the money order. The reason the court ordered amount is more than the deposit was because Lonnie has to Pay my court costs. If Lonnie would have shown up on the court date he would have heard that.

I live on a very narrow road and Lonnie put my mailbox sticking 12" into the road way. I had a Rural size box and had to change it for the smallest I could find after what my Neighbor witnessed was someone smashing it with their truck. Removing a small amount of trash and a mailbox which Lonnie told me he would do for free does not add up to 2 jobs. If ANYONE would like proof to what I am saying, just ask.

I have texts for every last detail.

My interaction with Lonnie lasted Months and everything was documented. Thank You for reading.

Kodak, Tennessee, United States #1233717

As a friend of Lonnie's I had to comment on this post.I have worked with him for over six years,off and on,and he practically saved my life.At the time he hired me,I had recently had some problems with transportation that had left me jobless.From the start I was told by him he had had some legal issues,but was trying to get things straight.As to this job,he said he didn't contest the judgement because he owed the money.He had almost $7000 in judgements against him,to date I know he has paid close to $5000 back.What these people,Nick and Mary Yasenak haven't told you,is Lonnie already tried to make this right.First off,he tried to deliver marterials to them,but was told they didn't want them.Then to repay on this debt,he agreed to go clean trash from the back deck and yard of this house and remove some planters.He was informed when he finished that he damaged the fence,a fence he said was replaced anyway.So then he agreed to put in a mailbox post for him.He did this also,then was told it was put in the wrong place.Are you starting to see the pattern here.So he gets 2 jobs done but BOTH aren't good enough,and never any mention of it coming off,even partially what he owed.Then he dropped off a money order,but guess what,was condemned over the amount.I know of over 100 jobs I have helped on,never with a problem,or if there was,it was minor and corrected.So draw your own conclusion,but remember there are 2 sides to every story.Sincerely,Wesley S.

Lake City, Tennessee, United States #1223722

He advertises as "Affordable Handyman Service".

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